How do I buy and store Enjin Coin during the crowdsale

We highly recommend acquiring some Ether (ETH) in advance, before the crowdsale begins. Because of demand and since there is a cap on the maximum number of Enjin Coins created during the sale, it's very possible that the crowdsale may end within hours of the starting time.


To purchase Ether, you may consider signing up to an exchange such as Coinbase. Please be advised that the signup period may take a few days. We recommend transferring your ETH to your own wallet such as Parity or Myetherwallet. DO NOT send Ether to the crowdsale directly from an exchange or your tokens may be lost.


When the crowdsale begins, follow the instructions at to send your desired amount of Ether to the Crowdsale Address. Use the recommended Gas setting to ensure your transaction gets processed. You will receive ENJ tokens in return until the crowdsale ends.


After the crowdsale, you will be able to trade and purchase Enjin Coins on exchange websites but be advised that market prices will be different from the initial crowdsale price. In the near future, you will also be able to earn ENJ by participating in games and gaming communities.

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