What is HTTPS and what are the benefits of enabling it?

What is HTTPS/SSL?
SSL is a standard security technology used to establish a secure, encrypted link between a server and a client. For example, SSL can be used between a web server and a browser. This example is referred to as using HTTPS in order to connect to the website.

Using SSL allows your website and your visitor’s browser to transmit private, sensitive information without the worry of eavesdropping, web forgery, and data tampering.

What are the benefits of enabling HTTPS?

  • Your website will have a green padlock in the address bar indicating, to your users, that your site is safe.
  • Your website will receive an improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking by search engines.
  • Your website will use the HTTP/2 protocol which implements optimizations to decrease page loading times.

How do I enable HTTPS?
If you're using the Enjin subdomain, click here.
If you're using a custom domain, click here.

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