Enjin Subdomain - How to enable HTTPS

What is HTTPS, what are the benefits of enabling it?
Please click here to read more information about HTTPS and the benefits.


  • You must be the website owner.
  • Your website must be using the enjin.com subdomain.

How do I enable it?

  • Navigate to your website's administrator panel.
  • Select the "Settings" tab.
  • Select the "SSL" menu option.
  • Click the button "Click Here to Enable HTTPS".

Visual representation of the enabling process, click for larger picture. 

Not using the Enjin subdomain?
This article illustrates enabling HTTPS on the Enjin subdomain only.
If you would like to enable HTTPS on your custom domain, click here.

I'm using a legacy Enjin subdomain, help!
In the past, we have supported various additional subdomains although we have since removed this ability. Unfortunately, we do not support enabling HTTPS on these domains. However, if you would like us to convert your website's subdomain to use the enjin.com subdomain, simply submit a support ticket and we'd be more than happy to change it for you.

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