Subdomains for TeamSpeak 3 Servers

How to setup a subdomain for your TeamSpeak 3 server not hosted on Enjin.

Note: This is only applicable to servers that are not hosted on Enjin, or if you manage your own domain. Otherwise, visit your admin panel > voice tab > domains section to manage your TS3 subdomain/domain.

Location of DNS management panel: User dashboard > website settings > DNS management panel.


Create an A or CNAME Record to your Server IP

  • Navigate to the section entitled "Set Custom Records"
  • Hostname: Set a name for your server IP (NOT your intended TS3 server domain). So if you want a custom domain for your server like Then set a random hostname for your A or CNAME record like "myserver".
  • IP Address / Domain: Fill in the IP Address of your TS3 server.
  • Record Type: Set this to "A RECORD". (If your server address is not a raw IP, such as "" you need to use a CNAME record instead of a A record)
    (IMPORTANT! If you add a CNAME record, your added address should have a period added to the end or it will not work. For example: "")
  • TTL: This field can be set to whatever integer (In seconds) you choose. Setting the TTL to 1800 means you'll need to wait for 30 minutes for the record to start working fully.

Once you have the A or CNAME record created, proceed to creating your SRV record.


Create an SRV Record

  • Navigate to the "SRV" section in your DNS Management Panel
  • In the _SERVICE column, enter "_ts3".
  • In the _PROTOCOL colum, enter either "_udp" or "_udp.<name>".

If you enter "_udp", the TS3 server can be accessed at your root domain. If you enter "_udp.<name>", the TS3 server can be accessed at that subdomain of your website. For example, entering "" will point them to

  • The entry in the PRIORITY field should be "0".
  • WEIGHT should be set to "5"
  • In the PORT field, you must enter your server's port
  • In the TARGET field, you must add the Hostname input you set on your A or CNAME record you created with the steps above.
  • We recommend a TTL of 1800


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