Setting Up Paypal - DonationCraft

How to set up PayPal with your DonationCraft / Generic store module

Paypal is one of the most popular payment gateway and debit alternatives on the web.

  1. Creating a Paypal account: Go to to create a Paypal account. Make sure that your account is a Paypal Premier (Or business) account. Personal accounts will not work correctly with DonationCraft (Purchases will go through, but the records won't show up - and the buyers might not automatically receive the goods they asked for). Check out this page for more information on the different types of Paypal accounts.
  2. To use Paypal with your DonationsCraft module, simply input your primary email address in the settings of your shop for Paypal. This is the same email you use to log into
  3. Language Selection: After adding your primary email address you will have the opportunity to select a primary language for the landing page your users will view when purchasing their items on Paypal. Default is set to United States.

How to set up Paypal subscriptions with your store

DonationCraft's Paypal payment gateway currently accepts subscription based items / payments. To enable this feature, simply head over to your admin panel > modules > donationcraft module > settings tab and enable the payment gateway for Paypal subscriptions. The only information you will need is a valid Paypal email address which you use with your account on Paypal.

Important Note: You will need a premier or business Paypal account for subscription based items to work properly.

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