Creating your TeamSpeak 3 server

How to create your TeamSpeak 3 server with Enjin

Any plan can create a TeamSpeak 3 server with Enjin, including the free plan.

However, the Advanced, and Ultimate Enjin website plans automatically come with free slots.

Advanced plan 5 free slots
Ultimate plan 20 free slots

To create your TeamSpeak 3 server, visit your admin panel > voice tab. If you aren't already running any voice servers with Enjin, you will be brought to our voice server "choose" page. This page allows you to either choose TeamSpeak 3 or Mumble as your website's voice server.

Once you've selected Teamspeak 3, you will be brought to the voice portal page where you can configure some basic settings.

Server Locations:

  • Central US
  • West US
  • East US
  • Europe

Custom Hostname: Type in your preferred server address. We automatically give you a free "" subdomain. If you plan on using a custom website address in the future, you can always change this again once the server is created.

Server Size: Select your preferred server size. Remember that the premium plans come with free slots. The free plan would need to purchase any/all slots being added to the server.

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