Adding Moderators To Forums


How to add moderators to specific forums

  1. To give specific users access to moderate forum areas, you'll need to create a new website tag for these users.
  2. To create the new tag, visit your admin panel > users area. Once on that page, click "Create Tag." The name and other options associated with this tag will not matter.
  3. Once you've created the tag, place the users you would like to have moderation access within this tag by selecting users in your user's list > applying the new tag.
  4. Go to your modules admin > edit the forum board module > edit any of your forum areas. In the popup, add this new website tag to the "Moderation Access" dropdown.
  5. Now any users that have this new tag can moderate that specific forum area, as well as any other forum areas you are allowing this tag to moderate.

Note: A user either has full moderation access, or not. This means that if you give a user moderation over a specific forum, they will have access to lock, sticky, delete, move, merge, etc...

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