Using In-game Heads & Signs

How to use

To start, place a head, then place a sign either above or below it. To create a sign of a specific type, type one of the codes below on the first line. You can use a # from 1-10 in the code. For example: [donation2] will show the 2nd most recent donation.

If there are sub-types such as day/week/month, put those on the second text line of the sign.

To update the tats right away, type /enjin updateheads

  • [donation#] - Most recent donation.
  •       Subtypes: Place the item id on the second line to only get donations for that package.
  • [topvoter#] - Top voter of the month.
  •       Subtypes: day, week, month. Changes it to the top voter of the day/week/month.
  • [voter#] - Most recent voter.
  • [topplayer#] - Top player (gets data from module on website).
  • [topposter#] - Top poster on the forum.
  • [toplikes#] - Top forum likes.
  • [newmember#] - Latest player to sign up on the website.
  • [toppoints#] - Players with the most points.
  • [pointsspent#] - Players who have spent the most points on the server.
  •       Subtypes: day, week, month, total. Displays points spent per period of time.
  • [moneyspent#] - Players who have donated the most money on the server.
  •       Subtypes: day, week, month, total. Displays donations per period of time.


  • There can be duplicate stat signs anywhere in the world, so feel free to show this data wherever you want to on your server!
  • You can place a head two blocks directly above the sign so you can hide the sign under a wall if wanted
  • To remove a stats head/sign, just break them and they will automatically be de-registered
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