Creating Categories & Subcategories

How to add a new category within your shopping module

To add categories to your DonationCraft module, visit your DonationCraft module in your admin panel > modules tab and navigate to the "Shop Manager" tab within the module.

Click "Add Category" on the top right of this page.


  • Category name: Self explanatory. This is the name of the category as displayed on your store page.
  • Category Description: This allows you to describe the category. You'll want to keep the description short and too the point.
  • Who can view this category and its items: This is mostly self explanatory. Click this to open a drop-down list of your user tags. Clicking on a user tag adds it to the array of tags which can view the item.
  • Order items in this category by: Self explanatory. You can set what order shop items are in. Select "Custom" if you'd prefer to manually set the order of items (By dragging and dropping) yourself.
  • Cumulative settings: Cumulative items allow you to set item tier prices. This means users can purchase one item then upgrade to another in the same category at a discount. Disable this option if this is just a regular category.
  • Display settings: The pair of options here are self explanatory. You can choose between large images or list mode.

  • Be sure to save your changes when you are done, by clicking the blue button in the bottom right of the wizard.
  • If you wish to edit a previously created category, you can do so by clicking the "Settings" button to the right it.
  • Click on the "Add subcategory" button to create a subcategory for any currently existing category of items.
  • Categories and subcategories have a handle icon (To the right of their "Settings" buttons) which you can use to drag them around. Click on this icon then hold down your mouse button. Move your mouse to position the (sub)category. Release your mouse to "drop" it.
  • You can delete categories by clicking the red 'X' icon button to the far right of their names.
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