How to Transfer Ownership

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The page to transfer ownership is located by going to your admin panel -> Settings -> Transfer Website Ownership.

Make sure that you read all of the text on this page before continuing with the transfer!


Important Information

NEVER transfer your ownership to another user unless you trust the future of your website, your community, and its reputation in their hands. Once you transfer ownership, you cannot regain control of your website unless the new owner chooses to give it back to you!

  • Any user who claims you need to make them owner to edit your theme is LYING. Do not fall for this trap! You can give them admin panel access instead.
  • In order to transfer ownership, the other user must be an administrator on the website.
  • The new owner may not already own an Enjin website. If they currently own 5 sites, have them delete it or transfer ownership of it to another account. Our system allows five websites per unique user. Please feel free to create a second account if you want to create an additional website!
  • You can only transfer your website once every 14 days.

Transfer Terms

  1. You will lose ownership status and master control of the website will go to the new owner. You will not be able to regain ownership unless the new owner transfers the website back to you.
  2. You agree that all themes, headers and licenses purchased for the website by you will be transferred to the new owner. We are unable to divide up the themes or headers to go to different users and websites.
  3. Make sure the user you are transferring the website to does NOT have a current website. If the user does have an existing website, have them cancel and delete their website before transferring ownership.
  4. The website's content, data, users will not change. Just the ownership of the website.
  5. Transferring a website to another owner does not change any current Paypal Subscriptions. To cancel an active subscription you must go to your Paypal account directly and cancel it there. When you cancel the subscription the website will still remain active until the end of the paid term. The new owner can at anytime prepay, add days or start a new Paypal Subscription.
  6. Please do not cancel the website if you are planning to transfer ownership.
  7. If you just want the option for another user to pay for the website you can use the Group Pay module for other users to add days to your website, there is no need to transfer ownership. The group pay module can only be used when the website is active.
  8. Your voice (Mumble) server and purchased voice slots will be transferred to the new owner.
  9. The new owner won't be able to transfer the website until 14 days after they gain ownership.
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