Minecraft Commands With DonationCraft

Minecraft in-game commands are executed on the selected minecraft server when a user purchases items. You can set various commands depending on what happens with the payment.

Payment completed

Payment completed commands will be executed when the user successfully purchases the package. For example: give user a Diamond, to issue the diamond enter the command "give {name} xxx 1". {name} variable will be replaced with the user's Minecraft username

Expiry commands

Expiry commands are executed after the expiry days are reached since the successful purchase of the item. These are useful to remove membership or other time based privileges.

Chargeback commands

Chargeback commands are executed if the payment for the item is charge backed. You may want to issue a ban command in those cases.

Refund commands

These commands are executed when you refund a user for an item purchase. Use these to remove various items or privileges from the user when refunded.

Command Variables you can use

Use these variables in your commands when needed:

  • {name} - Minecraft player name
  • {item} - Name of item purchased
  • {price} - The amount paid, after discounts
  • {currency} - Currency used for the payment
  • {time} - Time of purchase (13:00)
  • {date} - Purchase date (01/01/2013)
  • {email} - The user's Email Address, if signed in
  • {transaction_id} - Transaction ID of the payment
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