Creating & Editing Modules

How to create a module

Your website pages are comprised mainly of modules. It is essential that you understand how to edit modules, and how to create new modules.

To create a module, visit your admin panel > modules tab. Here, you can either manage the modules already provided to you, or create new modules.

To create a new module, click the big blue "Create Module" button on the top right of the page.

On the left of the popup, you will see a list of module categories. Browse through these categories to get an idea of what you want to create. You will see the modules available in each category on the right.

Don't see your game specific modules?

Make sure to visit your admin panel > games tab and add your community's games. For instance, once you add "World of Warcraft" to the game's list, World of Warcraft modules will instantly be available in your admin > modules area.

If you have your game added already, and you can't find any game specific modules for your game, we may not be supporting your game yet.

Module Limitations

Different website plans have different module limits
  • Trial Plan - 50
  • Free plan - 20
  • Advanced plan - 50
  • Ultimate plan - Unlimited
Different website plans can use different modules. Here's a list of SOME modules only available to the premium (advanced/ultimate) plans.
  • Chat module
  • Calendar module
  • Showcase module
  • Top forum likes
  • Twitter feed
  • Gallery
  • Image box
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