Forum / user import process

Forum imports are now possible for the major forum systems for FREE! If you're looking to migrate to Enjin, check below for details on our import process:

What forums are supported for imports?

  • Vbulletin
  • PHPBB3
  • MyBB
  • XenForo
  • SMF (Simple Machines)
  • IPS (Invision Power)
  • Vanillia

What will get imported

  • Forums
  • Subforums (1 level of nesting only, deeper nesting will convert to 1 level)
  • Threads
  • Posts (polls not supported yet)
  • Stickies
  • Announcements
  • Users

What do I need to provide?
A valid SQL file exported from the forum database.

What is the cost for this service?
Free, provided your website is on the Advanced or Ultimate plan.

How long does it take?
After the SQL file is received, it will take up to 7 business days for the import.

If I already have an active Enjin forum how will it merge?
If you specify an existing forum module on your website, the imported forums and categories will be added to this module.

Will my users be imported?
User accounts can be imported. Your users will be able to login with their old account information.

I want to link imported posts and threads to existing users on my website.
We will also link existing Enjin users to their posts if their email address on Enjin matches the email address from the the imported forum.

How do I import my forum?
Write to and provide us the SQL file and your Enjin website URL. We recommend using a service like to upload the SQL file and link us to it.

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