Centering your navigation menu

Centering your menu via the theme editor

Note: This works best with the fixed width layout

Go to: Admin > Themes > Theme editor > Edit your theme or a theme from the theme selection list.

Once you are in the Theme editor, select: 'Menu: Horizontal Menu' from the dropdown selection.

Once you are in the menu editor, start playing around with the menu margins.

There are no set numbers to make your menu buttons centered, as this will vary on your theme's default margins, images, theme width, and the amount of menus you have in your module.

Centering your menus via 3rd party scripts

Note: This method should work for any layout style Note: This method involves using the HTML module. We cannot officially support third party or user created custom content in the HTML module, so we highly recommend that you visit our community forums for any HTML design or coding questions.
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