Enabling & Using your in-game store

Enabling your in-game store
  • Go to your admin panel > modules tab > edit/create your donationcraft module
  • Go to the "Settings" tab within the DonationCraft module
  • Scroll down to the "Minecraft In-game Shop" section
  • Ensure "Enable in-game shop" is ticked
  • Set your buy command
Using the in-game store

To use the in-game store, simply visit your server and type the command "/buy" or your custom buy command set in your DonationCraft settings.

Once you type your buy command, this should open the general navigation for your store. Your users can then select which category they would like to enter, or which item they want to view. They can then click the links provided in-game to view your website and purchase the ranks.

The in-game store isn't opening when I type my buy command
  • Make sure you have it enabled by reading the tutorial above
  • Make sure you've correctly installed the Enjin plugin with your server. Visit your admin > minecraft tab. You want to see a green "online" tag below the plugin column.
  • Make sure the Enjin plugin is up to date
  • Make sure your store is linked with your server on your website by visiting your admin > minecraft tab. If you don't see a green "online" tag below the store column, it's not linked. To fix this, go to your shop manager, edit one of your items, scroll down to the commands area of the item, select the server and save.

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