Using the page editor


Admin panel -> Pages tab.


Editing Pages

To edit your added pages you will need to navigate to the page itself and then click the "Page Settings" option. You will then be presented with the following options:

  • Page name - For organizational purposes & page title
  • Meta description - The meta description for this page individually
  • Page address - What is used as the URL for the page. Eg: ADDRESS
  • Add link to menu - Add a link on any of your horizontal navigation menu modules for this page
  • View access - Select who can view this page
  • Homepage - Is this the original page you want users to see when they visit your website? Only 1 page can be set as the homepage.
  • System Template Page - This is the page used as a template for the system pages. System pages are pages like the profiles, or dashboard pages. Only 1 page can be set as the system template page.


Adding Modules to a Page

  • Go to your website
  • Go to Admin > Pages > Page Editor and select the page you want to add the module to.
  • Add Container. You can add new containers to the page layout by pressing this icon: 
  • Click "Add Module" in the new container
  • Fina & select the module you want
  • Click the "Add module" button

The page will automatically save and you can "View Page" (top right)


Moving entire containers

To move an entire container from one portion of the page to another, simply click and drag the blue header of the container.


Moving modules from 1 container to another

To move a module from 1 container to another, simply click the module in a container and drag it to another.

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