TS3 Server Settings

Where? Your TS3 server settings can be found within your admin panel > voice tab > Server settings section.

General Settings
  • Server name - The name of the server
  • Phonetic name - Phonetic name (leave as server name if you're not sure)
  • Server password - Server password to join
  • Reserved slots - Reserved slots (if you have a 20 slot server with 2 reserved slots, your max server size is 18, and only specific people can use the 2 reserved slots)
  • Security level - We recommend keeping this at 8 (the higher the number, the longer it will take for users to join your server)
  • Display your server in public server list - Do you want your server displayed in TeamSpeak's public server list?
  • Display TS3 tray icon - Do you want the TS3 tray icon displayed on the bottom right of your website? (This allows users to easily sync their Enjin account, and join the server)
Welcome Message & Visual Settings
  • Welcome message editing - This is the message used when someone joins the server (this can either be set to a server message, or a popup window when joining)
  • Set the banner URL - This is the URL used when users click the banner displayed on your server
  • Upload your own banner - Upload your own banner? (If nothing is uploaded, your website's logo will be used by default)
  • Server button tooltip - The title of the button on the top right of your server
  • Server button URL - The URL used when users click the button on the top right of your server
  • Server button image upload - The image used in the button
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