Changing your TS3 server address

How to change your TS3 server address

Changing your TS3 server address is easy with Enjin. Simply visit your admin panel > voice tab > "Set Domain & Location" area.

Here, you can view your current server address and set a new one.

In the dropdown next to your custom hostname, you can either select a address OR a custom subdomain if you are using our DNS. If you are NOT using our DNS, the only option in this dropdown will be

How to change an Enjin TS3 server address if not using Enjin's DNS

If you're not using our DNS, and you have no desire to, you will need to use your own DNS and add the necessary records to make this happen.

Take a look at your admin panel > voice tab > voice dashboard area for your server's IP address & port. You'll need this when creating the DNS records with your host.

Look here for the general instructions on creating these DNS records:

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