Installing the Enjin MC Plugin


  • Please understand, Enjin is not a Minecraft Server host and do not provide free game servers!
  • To be able to install the Enjin plugin you need to have purchased a Minecraft game server from a Minecraft server host or host a server yourself, if you don't own a server, feel free to browse our Top Minecraft Server Hosts page to view our list of server hosts.

Downloading the plugin

  • First, make sure that you've added Minecraft to the Games tab of your admin panel > Games > Add Game.

  • Once you've added Minecraft as a game on your site, Click on the 'Plugin' button

  • Here you'll need to choose what version of the Enjin plugin you will use for your server. You'll be able to choose from the following versions.
    1. Bukkit Plugin
    2. Spigot Plugin
    3. Sponge Plugin
    4. BungeeCord Plugin
    5. Tekkit Classic Plugin 
    6. Forge Plugin
    7. Cauldron Plugin




  • Once you've downloaded the Enjin plugin you type you will use for your server, Go to your Minecraft server's files and upload the EnjinMinecraftPlugin.jar file you downloaded into the "/plugins" directory*.
    • *You may want to contact the Minecraft server host you purchased the server from to let you know where your server's "/Plugins" directory is located.
  • Once you've uploaded the the EnjinMinecraftPlugin.jar file to your  "/Plugins" directory, restart your server.
  • Once your server is done restarting, congratulations! You've just installed the Enjin plugin on your server, but you're not done just yet.

Other Plugins you'll want to install on your server.

  • If the server you have is any server type except BungeeCord, ensure that Vault is installed on the server.
  • If you wish to make use of in-game ranks, ensure you have a permission plugin installed, such as PermissionsEx, Essentials, or bPermissions.
  • Ensure you have the latest version of Votifier installed on the server if you plan on using our Vote for Diamonds module.


Authenticating your server with the Plugin

  • As you've successfully installed the Enjin plugin on your server, you now need to Authenticate your server on your Enjin website.
  • To do this, from your admin panel go to: Minecraft > Servers, here click on the "Add Server" button and add your server name to add the server.

  • Once you've added the server to your site. You'll notice you have a Secret Key, this is the key we'll use to authenticate your server. 

  • Copy the key to your clipboard by selecting the full key and pressing ctrl+v on your keyboard.
  • Then head over to your server.
  • While connected to your server as the OP of the server, in the server chat type: /enjin key <your key>*
    • *The full command should look something like: 
      /enjin key 3d7813b07ec576d25ba74c09d77797856aa0e240bfb2c77fc2
  • Once you've entered the /enjin key command on your server, you should be notified via the in-game chat that the authentication was successful

  • After waiting for a few minutes, if your plugin is installed and authenticated successfully, you server should state "Online" in green on the servers page.

You can generate a new key for your server at any time within your Admin > Minecraft > Servers page if you have an issue with your current key.

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