Changing your Enjin website address

How to change your Enjin website address
Important note: You should not change your website address unless you are 100% sure you have properly pointed your custom domain to Enjin. If you have not pointed your domain to Enjin by either name servers or custom records, your domain will not work properly.

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Go to your user dashboard > website settings, or click this link: Website Settings
  3. Enter your "Domain & DNS Manager" page.
  4. Change your domain by entering in your new custom domain in the fields followed by your Enjin password. This will change your Enjin website address instantly. If your domain has fully propagated, your website should appear instantly.

My website isn't showing properly
If your website isn't showing properly, and you know you have pointed your domain properly, then the domain is most likely still propagating. This is why we say to wait 48 hours before changing your website address! Please wait a little bit of time for your domain to appear for everyone.

Did something mess up?
You can always change back to your old Enjin subdomain. Here's how

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