Adding your Minecraft Character


How to add your Minecraft character to your profile

  1. Go to your Enjin profile page > characters page. 
  2. Click Add Character on the top right.
  3. Type & select "Minecraft"
  4. Open the latest version of the Minecraft vanilla client (do not use any other client other than the original Minecraft vanilla client to do this).
  5. Go to Multiplayer
  6. Click on Direct Connect
  7. Enter the server address: 
  8. Join the server and once you're kicked from the server, you'll receive a code.
  9. Copy the code given when you are kicked from the server.
  10. Go back to your profile Paste the code into the Minecraft character verification popup and save the character.

You're done! You've verified your Minecraft character.

It says my Minecraft character is already added

  • If you're adding your character to your profile on a specific site and you receive the error: "This character is already added to the site on this profile.
    Please login with this profile to remove or update the character."

    There are 2 ways to deal with this.
  1. Go to the linked profile and once you remember the email address and password to the profile, login to the profile and fully remove the Minecraft character from the profile's character section.
  2. If you forgot the profile details. Submit a Enjin support ticket here
    In the ticket, provide us with the code you received when connecting to the server so we can verify that you own the character so we can manually remove the character from other profiles.
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