Adding your Minecraft Character




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    Jason Smith

    Excuse me, I have done all these steps and have done all this. I go to the IP address with a fully premium account and a 1.8 minecraft Version. But when I join it says "Outdated! Your Still On 1.7.9"

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    So it works with 1.8... but what about 1.8 skins? Because when I go to my profile, then the characters page, my character is missing the outer layer of its skin from minecraft 1.8 format.

    Can this be fixed, or an option to change it?


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    Some of my players can't connect (unknown host) so...
    This thread says there's an alternative way to verify but the only other link on that popup redirects to instructions on how to do the same thing. Ideas?

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    Eva Potter

    I accidentally added my mc account to another user that I used to have. I have forgotten what email I used for that (I have tried mostly all of them) and it won't let me log back in without that. Help?!

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    i have 2 server and on one of my server in not my picture can you help me i want to see crazy network not craftanija

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    row metcalfe

    How do you copy it and where?

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    Pfft, I'm still waiting for them to get back to me over the same issue. What's weird is, I apparently already had an account here but the password was different from my account on the engin website here:

    Apparently, support is considered a different website:

    I know this for a fact, coz I logged in there first, but when I got to this page, it asked me to log in again, and the password didn't work. I had to reset it - which was tagged at my email. So really, what is going on with this company? Two sections that are connected, but somehow not connected? And what's with the password being different?

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    Am I going insane or something? It clearly doesn't show a "Character" option

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