Setting up OneBip - DonationCraft

How to enable OneBip as a payment gateway - DonationCraft

Onebip, by Neomobile, is a global mobile payment service. To enable Onebip payments for your DonationsCraft module, you will only need two things.

  1. You will first need to create an account with OneBip here. Your email address used here will be the first piece of information needed to enable OneBip payments.
  2. The second piece of information you will need is your secret API key. To get this, please log into your account on OneBip here. Once logged in, you should see a "Settings" button on the right hand side of the screen. Click this or click this link.
  3. Here, you should have the ability to copy or enter in your own API key. If you are changing this, please make sure this is unique by adding a combination of numbers, letters, or random characters.
  4. Copy & paste both your account email, and secret API key into your DonationsCraft module settings area > payment gateways > OneBip (enable first). Save.

Your done!

Notice: Not all countries are supported by OneBip. If your customers are receiving "Not Available In Your Country" errors during checkout, this is why!

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