Setting up PayGol - DonationCraft

How to enable PayGol as a payment gateway - DonationCraft

Paygol accepts a variety of different payment methods in over 100 countries worldwide.

  1. Register an account with Paygol here and log in.
  2. On the navigation menu after logged in click "Create Service".
  3. Click “Start Now,” in the left column, for our Standard Implementation.
  4. In the form enter the following information
    • Service Name - This is up to you, name your service with a simple name.
    • Type of Service - Integrated
    • Price - This is up to you.
    • Report Email – This is up to you
    • URL Background - Leave this blank for now, we will come back to this later.
    • URL Success & Cancel - leave blank
    • Link Website – 'Your account'
    • Description -  Enjin Donation Craft
    • Countries - This is up to you, but we would recommend selecting all countries for all payment methods.
    • Under the countries selection, click Save.
  1. After saving, you should be brought to your services page. On this page, copy your service ID in the services table.
  2. Go back to your DonationsCraft module settings in your Enjin admin panel, paste your service ID into your Paygol settings. Save.
  3. Refresh the page, and your background URL will be generated underneath where you just entered in your service ID. Copy this full URL.
  4. Go back to your services page on Paygol's website. Click the pencil icon to edit this service.
  5. Paste your new background URL in the designated area. Save.

You're done! Start accepting payments from Paygol!

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