Creating Subscription items

How to create DonationCraft Subscription items

Creating a subscription item is similar to making a normal one - start by clicking the green Add Item  button, then pick "Recurring Subscription Item."

Many of the options here are identical to those for a regular item. New ones are listed below:

Subscription Settings

  • Subscription Interval: This field sets how often the item will charge subscribers.
  • Subscription Price: Sets the cost of the item each interval.

Website Access Tags

  • Note that you can have subscriptions both ADD and REMOVE tags from users once the subscription is cancelled.

Your website's active user subscriptions can be managed via the Subscribers Tab. Check this tab's section below for more information.


How to create a normal DonationCraft item


Point based Subscriptions

You can now also set up your items to be purchased with point based subscriptions.

In the item details window when adding a new item, you can find the point subscription settings under the "Credit Points" section.

Options include:

  • On Initial Sub Add Points
  • On Recurring


Managing Point Subscriptions 

Users can find this new section in the dashboard by going to: Dashboard > Subscriptions > Shop item subs.

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