Commands per server

With your DonationCraft module, you can send specific commands to specific servers per item

Where can you do this? You can set commands per item when editing the DonationCraft module > Shop manager tab > editing / creating an item. On the bottom of the item editor, you will notice the "server commands" area.

How can you do this? First, you will need to make sure you have added any servers you may have for your community. To do this, head to your admin panel > minecraft tab and add any/all servers. Then go back to your item editor and select the desired servers you want these commands to be sent to on purchase/chargeback/etc.

Settings commands in specific order Next to each input area per command, you will notice a draggable icon. Click and drag this icon to move the commands above/below each other. This will tell the server which commands to execute first.

Need help with the commands? Click the green "View Help" button in the server commands area for a quick help guide on setting up your commands. Or, check above this area on the Wiki page for even more custom command help.

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