Commands aren't executing when users purchase an item

The money was not received AND the commands weren't sent
  • The email added to the module is most likely not the primary email address on the paypal account. Make sure the email address set to the module is the primary email address on the paypal account (check for your primary email address in Paypal/ Your account/ Profile).
The money was received but the commands weren't sent
  1. You'll need to check your PayPal IPN url. If anything is set, remove it. If nothing is set, you need to set it to "". 
  2. How to modify your paypal IPN url:
  3. Having the correct IPN url will ensure that Enjin receives a notification about each payment, making sure that each payment is recorded with your store correctly.
If this is set correctly and the Minecraft commands are still not executing. Make sure the Enjin minecraft plugin is installed correctly on your server. Also make sure that you have Vault installed on said server.

If you still have issues, type '/enjin report' in your in game console and send us the generated txt via support ticket here.
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