What is the point system?

What is the point system?

Enjin's point system can be thought of as a website currency, and can be used in many different ways to manage your users. This system is integrated with our DonationCraft module, and Vote for diamonds module to allow you even more configuration for your server and custom commands. We've also added methods to set, add, remove, and view point values through the Enjin API which is explained below.

In short, here's some of the main features.

  • Users can earn points by doing various actions on your website.
  • Points can be assigned to users via Automations and Conditions automatically.
  • Points can be assigned, removed or edited in the points manager.
  • Users can purchase points (with real money) from your DonationCraft or Generic Store.
  • Users can spend points or purchase items in your DonationCraft or Generic Store.
  • Admins can set points to decay over a period of time.
  • Points totals can be shown in the point module, forums, user profiles or user list module.

Note: All website plans are allowed to use this point system.

To start using these features, please visit your admin panel > User tab > Automations & Points area.

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