User certificates on Mumble

Creating a user certificate

Creating a Certificate (If already registered)

User may need to create a certificate to use your Mumble server. To create a user certificate, follow the instructions below.

  • Connect to your Mumble server
  • Open the Certificate Wizard - At the top of the Mumble window you'll click the "Configure" menu, then select the "Certificate Wizard" option.


  • Create A New Certificate - Select the "Create a new certificate" option and click the "Next" button.
  • Enter Information - Put in your information for a signed certificate.




  • Replace the Certificate - Click the "Next" button to replace the certificate.
  • Save the Certificate - Click the "Save As" to save the certificate on your computer. Once you've saved the certificate click on the "Commit" button on the bottom.
  • Finished - Click the "Finish" button to finish the certificate process.


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