Activating recruitment on your website


Video Tutorial 

What's it for?

Enjin has made it's own recruitment system. This means that any Enjin users, as well as non Enjin users can go here: and view every Enjin website that is currently recruiting for their game. They can also fill out your desired application, view the details of your guild or clan, and much more.

How do I activate recruitment?

Go to your admin panel > games tab. All you need to do is ensure that the game's you or your community plays is on this page. If it's not, make sure to add it.

If the games are made, click "recruitment" under the game image. Here, you can set up your recruitment details for this game.

Once you've modified your recruitment details to your liking, you can click "Activate Recruitment" on the top of the page to start recruiting. Your status will be instantly added to our recruitment listings.

Good luck!

It's free to all plans unless you want to be featured

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