Vote for Diamonds Troubleshooting

If your vote module doesn't seem to be operating correctly or your commands are not automating in game when voting through the module:

  • Make sure you have Votifier 1.9 installed on your server.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Enjin plugin installed on your server correctly.
  • Make sure you register your votifier key on each topsite you've added to the module.
  • Make sure your votifier is setup correctly by following the test here:
  • Make sure you have selected your server from within the voting module itself.
  • Tried everything above and it's still not working? Change your Votifier port within your config.yml file. Some pointers to keep in mind:
    • DON'T set it to your Minecraft server port as Votifier cannot listen on the same port.
    • DO Make sure to also change the Votifier port accordingly on any of the voting sites you have registered on.
    • Any port between 2048-22000 should work. Contact your hosting provider for assistance if you're unsure.


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