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How to enable 2checkout as a payment gateway - DonationCraft

To enable 2Checkout for your DonationsCraft module, you will need two pieces of information. Your account ID, and your secret key. You will also need to set your global URL. Lets go over each step so you can start accepting 2Checkout payments right away.

  1. If you have not already, please sign up on You may be required to go through a short application process to fully join.
  2. Once registered and ready to go, log into your account. On your main dashboard you should see "2CO Account #" in the top right corner. Under this is your account ID. This is the first piece of information you will need.
  3. While still logged in, and in your main dashboard, head over to your "Account" > "Site Management" area. In this area, scroll down, and enter in your secret word. Please ensure to use a combination of different characters or numbers. Save. This is the second piece of information you will need.
  4. Lastly, you will need to set your global URL. To do this, make sure you are still in the main dashboard, and head over to the "Notifications" > "Settings" area. In this area, enter in "YOUR WEBSITE" . Do not copy what was just stated literally, you will need to fill in the designated area with your site's correct URL followed by "/2checkout.php". Save.
  5. Head back over to your DonationsCraft module settings area and enter in your account ID and secret key (word) that we went over earlier. Save.

You're done!

How to set up 2Checkout Subscriptions with your store

DonationCraft's 2CheckOut payment gateway currently accepts subscription based items / payments. To enable this opportunity, simply head over to your admin panel > modules > donationcraft module > settings tab and enable the payment gateway "2CheckOut". After enabling this payment gateway, you will then have the option of enabling subscription based payments for this gateway, enable this. Please see the above section for enabling 2Checkout as a general payment gateway first.

Important Note: 2CheckOut allows for weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions. No daily subscriptions are allowed.

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