Configuring the Statistics Module

How to set-up the statistics module

Video Tutorial


Getting to the module

  • Navigate to Admin -> Modules -> Website Stats and click ''Edit".
  • From here you have a choice of feeds for both your Website Statistics and Forum Statistics.
  • Using the drop down menus, select the modules you want data to be retrieved from.

Feed options

Website and News Criteria

  • Display Total Users [Y/N]
  • Display Online Users [Y/N]
  • Display Latest User [Y/N]
  • Display Total News Posts [Y/N]
  • Display Total News Comments [Y/N]

Forum and Post Criteria

  • Display Total Views [Y/N]
  • Display Total Threads [Y/N]
  • Display Total Posts [Y/N]
  • Display Threads Weekly [Y/N]
  • Display Posts Weekly [Y/N]
  • Display Threads Monthly [Y/N]
  • Display Posts Monthly [Y/N]

Unique Hit Criteria

  • Display Hits Today [Y/N]
  • Display Hits Weekly [Y/N]
  • Display Hits Monthly [Y/N]
  • Display Total Hits [Y/N]



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