Chat Channel Settings

Getting to the chat settings

2 Methods

  • Go to your admin panel > modules tab > edit your chat channel module
  • View the chat channel on your website > click "Settings" on the top right of the module

Main Settings

  • Channel name
  • Channel description
  • Chat topic
  • Chat keywords - help users find your chat channel
  • Games related to this chat - help users find your chat channel if game related
  • Change channel logo

Visual Settings

  • Automatically open chat channel - If this is enabled, every user who visits your website will be entered into the chat channel
  • Display small title bar
  • Toggle user display on the right side of the chat
  • Toggle user join/leave notifications
  • Toogle user joining/leaving messages in the channel
  • Display user mirco tags in chat next to username
  • Auto-join user to chat room (Module mode)
  • Chat height - Only applicable to the chat when it is placed on a website page

Access Settings

Chat access

  • Who can join chat
  • Who can talk in chat
  • Who's the moderators

BBcode access

  • Who can use all bbcode features
  • Who can use the font bbcode features
  • Who can post links
  • Who can post videos
  • Who can use spoilers/codes/lists

Chat Bans

You can ban users through the chat by clicking their name in the list of users > ban user. OR you can ban the user through the settings of the module. The chat bans area is located in the same area as the areas above.


  • Ban users for [x] amount of time OR forever
  • Add reasons for bad
  • Track bans
  • See who is performing the bans
  • When they were performed
  • More...
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