IP Banning a user

How to IP Ban a user

Collecting the IP address

  • Go to your Admin panel > Users tab. If you're on the advanced/ultimate plan, you will see the IP addresses of users on your website
  • Go to a post made by the user on your forum > hover over the avatar next to the post. The IP address will be shown
  • Go to an application/general form submitted by the user. The IP address will be displayed on the top of the application.

Banning the IP address

  • Go to your Admin Panel > Users > Bans > IP bans
  • Paste the IP address and ban!


  • Go to one of the user's posts on your forums
  • Hover over their avatar next to the post
  • Click "Ban IP"

What happens to IP banned users?

The user won't be able to view your website at all. When they visit your website address they will be presented with a blank white screen.

Range IP banning

You can ban an IP range from Admin -> Users -> Bans -> IP Bans. Just select the IP Range or Wider IP Range option when adding the ban to your list.

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