Using HTML meta tags

Using Meta Tags

It is common for users to have the access to set meta descriptions, meta keywords, meta robots, and so forth per page. We'll explain how to do this below.

Enjin currently allows the ability for users to input meta descriptions per page. If you are looking to set any other meta tags besides the description, you will need to use the HTML module and manually enter them in. For instructions on doing this, please continue on to the next section.

HTML module meta tags

To use the HTML module for meta tags, simply go to your admin panel > modules tab > create a new HTML module designated for meta tags.

Place this module on any pages you want these meta tags to be used.

Within the module > HTML source editor, you'll want to add your meta tags as you normally would on any other HTML page.

<meta name="keywords" content="keyword1, keyword2, keyword3, keyword4">
<meta name="robots" content="follow, index">

Note: Remember not to enter in the description within your HTML module. It is much better to use the meta description option already available to you then manually entering it in here. Read the next section for more info.

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