Using the TeamSpeak 3 Status Module


The TeamSpeak 3 Status module creates a visual widget of your server on whatever page(s) it is added to. It can show who is online and what channels are available on your server, as well as which ones are occupied.

Advanced Permissions

Your module will be unable to fetch the information it requires unless you have enabled specific ServerQuery permissions. You may not be able to see these settings unless you enabled "Advanced Permissions". To do so, first start your TS3 client. Join your server (Make sure that you are logged on as an administrator), then click on "Settings". Navigate to "Options" -> "Application" -> "Misc". Toggle "Advanced permissions system" on.

Enabling Permissions

Ts3statusmodule grouppermissions.jpg

You must make sure that ServerQuery permissions are enabled. Make sure you are logged onto your server as an administrator. Click on your "Permissions" menu. Navigate to "Server Grous" -> "Guest". In the window that appears, make sure that all of the following permissions in "Virtual Server" -> "Information" are turned checked: 

  • ServerQuery: View Virtual Server Info 
  • ServerQuery: View List of Existing Channels 
  • ServerQuery: View List of Clients Online

You will also want to make sure that the following two permissions in "Group" -> "Information" are checked: 

  • View List of Server Group Members
  • View List of Channel Group Members

White-listing Enjin

TeamSpeak 3 servers will automatically treat our status module's fetching as spam. You will know if your module experiences this problem when it displays a flood protection or ban error. In order to prevent this, you'll have to whitelist the IP we query from.

If you host your own server, find your query_ip_whitelist.txt file. Add a new line to the file, with the following IP address:

If you use a third party server host, then you must check with them to see how to modify the query_ip_whitelist.txt file. Some server hosts will let you edit it through their web application, while others will manually add the entry on your behalf. If your host does not let you do this yourself, please contact them directly.

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