Creating your Mumble server

How to create your Mumble server with Enjin

Note: The free plan cannot use Enjin's Mumble services at this time. You need to be on the advanced/ultimate plan.

The Advanced, and Ultimate Enjin website plans automatically come with free slots.

Advanced plan 5 free slots
Ultimate plan 20 free slots

To create your free Mumble server, visit your admin panel > voice tab. If you aren't already running any voice servers with Enjin, you will be brought to our voice server "choose" page. This page allows you to either choose TeamSpeak 3 or Mumble as your website's voice server.

Once you've selected Mumble, you will be brought to the Mumble portal page where you can configure some basic settings after clicking "Create Server."

Server Locations:

  • Europe (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • US Central (Dallas, Texas)
  • US East (Washington, DC)
  • US West (San Jose, California)

After selecting your server location, and generating your server, you will be brought to your Mumble voice dashboard where you can control the settings of your new server.

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