Subdomains for Mumble Servers

How to setup a subdomain for your Mumble server

Mumble does NOT support SRV records at this time. However, you can still set up a custom record for your server to use your domain as the IP. To do this, please follow these instructions.


  • Navigate to the "Custom Records" section in your DNS Management Panel
  • In the Hostname column, enter the subdomain extension you wish to use. For example: "voice", setting it to "voice" will set the server subdomain to "".
  • In the IP Address / Domain column, enter your server IP address. DO NOT include your port here. If this is for your Enjin Mumble server please find the server IP address in your admin panel > voice tab. If you are inputting a domain IP please append a " . " at the end while using a CNAME record. Ex. ""
  • In the Record Type column, enter "A (Address)" if you entered a numerical IP in the column before, or "CNAME" if you entered in a domain IP previously.
  • We recommend a TTL of 1800


After this has been done and saved you will be able to connect to your Mumble server using "" within 30 minutes. Have fun!

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