Point Decay

What is Point Decay?

Point decay is essentially a way for you to manage how many points your users will lose over a given amount of time. This way your users don't accumulate too many points and obtain perks on your website that you don't want them to have.

How do I setup Point Decay?

You can set point decay on your users within your Admin panel > Users tab > Automations & Points tab > Point Settings

Options include:

  • Enable point decay after time frame - Continue decaying points with each interval after time frame.
  • Stop decay on users who reach 0 - Stop any point decays on user's who reach a point total of 0

To create a point decay, simply enter (from left to right) the amount of points each user will lose (Eg: "100"), and the interval at which they will lose them. Eg: "5" "days".

This will mean that every 5 days, your users will lose 100 points.

Add more decay by simply clicking the blue "Add Decay" button below the decay settings in the point settings area

Plan Limits

Ultimate plan websites are allowed 5 decays, while the Advanced plan is allowed 2, and the Free plan 1.

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