What is the Warnings & Punishments System?

Enjin's Warning & Punishment system is a points based system that allows your website to elevate to the next level in regards to moderation and controlling the users visiting your website.

This system allows certain individuals (chosen by the administration of each website) to issue warnings and/or punishments to users according to what they find offensive.

For example, if your community regards forum spamming as a punishable action, you can issue users custom made warnings for their actions. That specific user would need to acknowledge their bad behavior, and be forced to receive [x] amount of warning points. If this user reaches a predefined number of warning points, this user can be automatically punished through a website ban, a restriction of posting access (on the forums, gallery, chat, shoutbox, etc...), and removal of certain tags.

And best of all, this warning & punishment system is 100% free and available to all plans.

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