Creating User Tags

How to create user tags

To begin modifying user tags, first visit the Users tab in the Admin panel ( You will see USER TAGS on the left side of your tag system.


  • Let's create a brand new tag. Although tags can be made that are non functional (Just for aesthetics), you'll be creating a functional one. To start, click the New Tag button.
  • A prompt will appear, asking you to fill in a number of fields. First, fill in the top field labeled "Some tag name here". We're making a moderator tag, so it should be filled with "Moderator".
  • You'll want Moderators to be publicly visible as such, so check off the "Display Image & Tag" radial button.
  • Next, skip down to the Tag color fields. The default color is white, but you'll want Moderators to stand out. Let's try going with a nice yellow color for now. You can click the small white box to bring up a palette window and set the color, or alternatively, you can fill the "HEX" field with a the hexadecimal value for yellow (ffff00).
  • Finally, make sure to check the "Apply color to display names" box. This will ensure that the moderator's name appears yellow wherever they're seen.
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