Applying user tags

How to apply user tags on your members

Now that you have your new tag, you can apply it to any users you'd like. A single user can have multiple tags, as well.

  • First, find the user or users you wish to give tags. To the left of their user name is a check box. Check every user you plan to tag.

  • Once you've checked the user(s), you can click the "Tag Users" button. Find the Moderator tag that you made and click it to make your moderators.

  • You can remove all tags from a user by checking the box to the left of their user name and hitting the "User Tools" button. You can then remove a specific tag (First make sure that you've selected it on the left side of the admin panel) by clicking the "Remove Current Tag" option. Otherwise, you can remove all tags that checked users have by clicking the "Clear Tags" button.
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