Filtering my site log

How to filter my site log

The field in the top right corner of the site logging page allows you to input a user name or IP address so that you can filter results to display the actions of a single user or location.

Our system will record all of the actions listed below.

User actions

Lists changes to users on your site. This includes any time a user or group of users is deleted from your site. It also shows changes to a users' administrator statuses (Given administrator status or administrator status taken).


This filter will show any event where a user was banned, IP banned or had their ban lifted on your site.

Module actions

Any edits made to modules through your modules tab or through quick-edit. This includes the creation of new modules, and any instance where modules have been deleted.

Tag actions

This filter will include any kind of change to user tags. When new tags are created, or existing tags are deleted, a log item will appear. Modifications to a user tag will also appear. This filter also shows when the order of your tags is changed - this is important to note, as user tag order determines which tags are given priority in rendering on users that have tags with multiple visual effects. Any time a user receives or loses a new tag appears under this filter. Finally, this filter will show any conceivable change to your site's tag automations.

Page Actions

This filter will show changes made through quick edit or your pages tab.

  • A new page is created.
  • A page is deleted.
  • A page is edited via the "Edit Page" button.
  • A page is cloned.
  • The homepage for your site has been changed (Via the "Edit Page" button).
  • The view access for a page has been changed.
  • New modules are added to a page.
  • Modules are removed from a page.
  • The theme of a page is replaced.

Admin Panel Access

This filter shows the results of any change(s) to a user tag which add or delete permissions for users with the tag to access parts of your site's admin panel.

  • This includes changes that allow or disallow users to access the admin back-end for individual modules.

Website Settings

This filter lists actions made to website settings, generally those via /admin/settings.

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