Creating / Organizing Forums

How to create a forum
  1. To create a forum area, go to your admin panel > modules tab. From there, ensure that you actually have a forum board module created.
  2. After ensuring that you have this module created, edit the module.
  3. Once in the module editor, you'll need to create a category. All forums go within categories. To create a category, click the big blue button "Create Category" on the top right of the forum manager page.
  4. Once created, click "Create Forum" in the header of the new category.

Organizing Forums
You can move your forums to different positions, or completely different categories. To do this, simply click and drag the multi-arrow icon next to the forum you want to move.
Furthermore, you can move entire categories of forums by clicking and dragging the multi-arrow in the header of the category.

Multi-forum editing
You have the ability to edit multiple forums in a category in 1 visit. To do this, click "edit" -> "edit forums (multi)" in the header of the category. This will allow you to change the settings of every forum in the category in 1 visit.
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