Submitting themes & headers to Enjin

What is this?

You can either keep your custom theme / header private, OR you can submit the theme/header to Enjin for public use so others can use it as well. If we accept your theme or header, it will be placed in the main directory with all of our other themes and headers.

How to submit my theme or header

Visit your admin panel > themes tab > Submit theme tab.
  • Name your theme (make sure the spelling is correct!)
  • Select either layout or header depending on what you're submitting
  • Enter a game name if the theme is related to a game
Official Enjin theme designer

If we like your designs a lot, we may just pick you to be an official Enjin designer.

What does this mean?
  • Your themes will be placed in the "official" directory
  • You can make money off of the themes you submit
  • You can rank yourself among our other Enjin designers
You can't submit an application for this position. We will choose YOU if you're good enough!
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