Using Forum Labels

What are they?

Forum labels can be used to organize forum threads. For example, you can create a forum label that states "resolved," and apply this label on any threads that have been answered questions. The label is a colorful tag applied to the side of the thread title.

How do you make a forum label?
  • Visit your admin panel > modules tab > edit your forums module > labels tab
  • Click "Create Label" on the top right
  • Label name
  • Hover text
  • Automatically sticky labeled threads
  • Label color
  • Label style
  • Who can apply this label?
  • Where can the label be applied?
How to apply labels

Note: Make sure you've already followed the instructions above for creating the labels first.

Via bulk moderation

To apply labels via bulk moderation, go visit one of your forum areas. On the top right of the forum area, click "Bulk Moderation."

Select some of the threads in the forum area.

Click "Add Labels" in the bulk moderation dropdown.

Select the labels and apply!

Via single thread moderation

To apply labels to a single thread, you must first visit the thread you are wanting to label.

If you have moderation access in this forum area, you should see "Label Thread" as a moderation tool on the top of the thread. Click this.

Select the labels you want to apply.
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