Akismet spam prevention system

What is it?

The Akismet spam prevention system is a system that helps prevent spam on your forum. This works by disallowing certain users to post something on your forum if the content appears to be spam, or if the user has been known to spam, or many other miscellaneous reasons. The system will monitor each of the user's posts until they get past the thresh hold which you can set. Meaning, once they have already created [x] posts, or has been a part of your website for [x] days, they are therefor exempt from being examined by this system.

Note: This feature is only available to the Ultimate plan.

How do I enable / disable it?

You can enable or disable this feature within your admin panel > modules > edit your forum module > settings tab > Spam Prevention System section.

Within this section you can also
  • Set the number of posts before the spam prevention system is disabled
  • Set the number of registered days before the spam prevention system is disabled
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