Setting Cumulative Discounts

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How to enable Cumulative Discounts to your DonationCraft Items
To enable this feature, simply head over to your Admin panel > Modules > DonationDraft module > Press the settings button on your store's category > In settings, tick the box 'Cumulate item purchases inside this category. Purchasing an item counts towards others.'

Example on how this feature works:

A user buys the
 Bronze item for $10. Their cumulative discount is now $10. 
The user then buys the
 Silver item which is normally $20 - the total cost of the second purchase comes out to only $10 ($20 - $10).
After both these purchases, the user will have a cumulative discount of $20 ($10 + $10).
If the user then buys the
 Gold item which is normally $30, its total cost will be reduced to $10 (From $30) due to the cumulative discount.

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