Minecraft In-game Shop

Enabling the minecraft In-game Shop

To enable this feature, simply head over to your Admin panel > Modules > DonationDraft module > Settings > Under the section 'Minecraft In-game Shop', tick the box 'Enable your in-game shop'.

Purchasing Items In-game Using Website Points

Items can be purchased in-game using points from the website. This can be done using either of the 2 following methods

  • Typing "/buy item #" - when viewing the list of all items, type "/buy item #" to purchase a specific item using website points. # represents the number of the item in the list of items
  • Typing "/buy item" - when viewing the details of a specific item, you can simply type "/buy item" to purchase that item using website points.

Using your in-game shop

Using your in-game shop is easy! Here's how your users will navigate through your in-game shop.


  • While in-game, type "/buy" (or your modified buy command). After doing this, it will open up your in-game shop. If you want to set a different command, you can do this within your DonationsCraft module settings in your admin panel.
  • At this point, your users will either be shown a list of items if no categories are present, or if you have categories of items, they will be shown each category name. This will allow users to to type "/buy #" for whatever category they are looking to purchase from.
  • If you have multiple pages of categories or items to choose from, the command "/buy page #" will allow users to navigate through these.
  • Once in a selected category, the command "/buy #" will add the particular item to the user's cart.
  • Once an item is within the user's cart, or they are done shopping, the user will have the ability to click the line of text for each item to bring them to the DonationsCraft webstore on your website. There, they will be able to actually purchase their items.

Want your items to show in a simple list rather than displaying the item descriptions? Go to your DonationsCraft module settings in your admin panel and enable the simple list feature in the "in-game shop" settings area.



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