API Integration

The DonationsCraft module is fully integrated with Enjin's API. Retrieve information such as the username, user ID, item name, item ID, price, currency, character, and much more! For the full documentation please visit this page: http://www.enjin.com/apidocumentation and scroll to the last section named: "Module: Shopping".

Enable your site's API within your admin panel > settings tab > Enjin API. The secret key is also located there

Replace "xxxx" in any link with your Shopping module's ID. To find your shopping modules ID, go to your admin panel > modules > edit a shopping module of yours, and look at the URL. The number after the /preset/ is what you are looking for.

At this time* there are no calls from the shopping module that would require your secret API key.

Return the most recent 100 purchases:

POST parameter: m=xxx

Alternative URL:

Filter by search fields:
You can also filter the results by user_id or custom_fields by adding either of these parameters to the request URL.


Example: Find ALL purchases from user ID: "2399308" on shopping module ID: "12545213"

Alternative URL method:

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